Sansa appreciation week » Day 7: (sort of) engame: Sansa coming back to Winterfell

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“So, we’re on a date?”

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Day 3: Favourite season/book: A Game of Thrones

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«You looked inside me and you saw hatred. That’s not victory».

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Listen, okay? Listen. This is your chance, for you and this boy. I don’t trust myself to keep you two safe… Not anymore. Please. I’m begging you, please stay here. Stay here where it’s safe. Where you two’ll have a chance. You will meet people. You will make friends. People better than me… good people. That don’t have to look at you and feel ashamed at what they’ve put you through… Please, Clem… Where you won’t have to sleep with a gun next to you every night. Where you can be a kid for a while. (requested by zuzzolek)

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j e   s u i s   p r e s t.  i  a m   r e a d y.

c: “jesus h. roosevelt christ!”
j: “no, sassenech, just me.”
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How did the panel go, were there crazy fan questions?

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This actually sums up their marriage pretty well
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get to know me meme:  [2/5 favorite male characters]  ben wyatt
I have been kind of tense lately. Just thinking about the Star Wars sequel. I’m worried they’ll rely too heavily on CGI and I’m carrying it all on my shoulders.
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I don’t even know what clan you’re from

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. meme: [2/4] relationships
↳Leo Fitz & Jemma Simmons
"You’ve been beside me the whole damn time."
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I spent this entire scene just bathing in the dramatic irony.

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